[WaferVision]Surface inspection system of solar cell wafer

Key Benefits (한글)WaferVision

  • Measured the size of wafer.
  • Defects such as stain, crack, chipping and broken on surface are identified to determine grades of wafer based on defect level
  • An image of defective wafer is stored in a PC, whereby information including types, sizes, positions and statistics of defective wafers is recorded and managed
  • All the test processes including grabbing, inspection and recording are automatically performed after initial setting, and automatic mode and manual mode may be selectively used as occasion arises
  • External Interface : Digital I/O , TCP/IP Output


System Configuration

Modules H/W S/W
Micro Crack Camera, Line Light, Computer WaferVision Host
WaferVision Client
Geometry Top Camera, Line Light, Computer
Geometry Bottom Camera, Line Light, Computer



Module Inspection Detail Items Specification   Note
Detection Repeatibility 
Micro Crack Vision Micro Crack Micro Crack >3um(Width)
>95% Use Special (Non-Visual) Illumination & Camera
Geometry Vision Surface Edge Defect >80um >95%
Chipping >80um >95%
Stain 200umx200um >95% Is less than or equal to Gray value 80
Geometry Rectangularity ± 0.1도
Corner Length ± 40um
Width ± 40um
Height ± 40um
Diagonal ± 40um
 Common Spec System Automation Spec


User Interface

WaferVision_Host WaferVision_Client
<WaferVision Host> <WaferVision Client>


Camera Spec.

Modules Main Component Resolution
Micro Crack 4K Line Scan Camera 40um
Geometry Top 4K Line Scan Camera 40um
Geometry Bottom 4K Line Scan Camera 40um



Items Detail
Throughout 3600 wafers / hour
Conveyor Speed 300mm /sec


Applicable Solar Wafer

Item Detail
Wafer Types Mono-Crystalline / Multi-Crystalline/Cost-Mono
Size 5”(125mm x 125mm) / 6”(156mm x 156mm)
Slicing Method Slurry wire cut, diamond wire cut

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